20 março, 2009

177 anos de Seleção Natural?

Advinhe quem escreveu isso?

There is a law universal in nature, tending to render every reproductive being the best possible suited to its condition that its kind, or organized matter, is susceptible of, which appears intended to model the physical and mental or instinctive powers to their highest perfection and to continue them so. This law sustains the lion in his strength, the hare in her swiftness, and the fox in his wiles. As nature, in all her modifications of life, has a power of increase far beyond what is needed to supply the place of what falls by Time's decay, those individuals who possess not the requisite strength, swiftness, hardihood, or cunning, fall prematurely without reproducing—either a prey to their natural devourers, or sinking under disease, generally induced by want of nourishment, their place being occupied by the more perfect of their own kind, who are pressing on the means of subsistence . . .

There is more beauty and unity of design in this continual balancing of life to circumstance, and greater conformity to those dispositions of nature which are manifest to us, than in total destruction and new creation . . . [The] progeny of the same parents, under great differences of circumstance, might, in several generations, even become distinct species, incapable of co-reproduction.

Se você falou Darwin, errou. Foi publicado em um livro (que recebeu resenhas importantes na época) por Patrick Matthew em 1831, ou seja, 27 anos antes de Darwin e Wallace. (continue a ler no SEMCIÊNCIA).

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Maria Guimarães disse...

por que o patrick matthew não costuma ser citado entre os precursores da evolução injustiçados pela história?